Dick Huggins
Dick Huggins has been sand sculpting on the beaches of Rhode Island for the past 18 years. A
resident of Barrington, RI, His first efforts in sand sculpting came over a long holiday weekend in Watch
Hill, RI when he created a simple pyramid from the left over pile of sand he had from a hole dug for his,
then two small sons, to play in.  Once bitten with the "sand bug" he never looked back. Most summer
weekends Dick can be found creating castles, cartoon characters and other sculptures on Second
Beach in Middletown, RI.  Over the years he has created literally hundreds of sculptures to the delight of
his fellow beach patrons.

Owner and president of Technology Engineering And Marketing, Dick finds the summer weekends a
welcome respite from the weekly grind of running his own company.  In 1997 he was invited by the AIA
to participate in the Easton's Beach end of summer sand sculpting contest.  Eventually the AIA had
Dick, and his two sons, Rich and Jon, act as guest judges.
The next year the Huggins' returned to win the newly created "professional" sand sculptor class.  Dick,
sometimes with his sons, sometimes not, has won many local competitions in the New England area.

Known as "Castleman" by the Second Beach regulars, Dick's typical castle creations are 6 to 10 feet in
height.  Detail is his passion, as is his signature clock tower.  While the cartoon creations are fun, his
true passion is the stately tall castle, with multiple turrets, spires, and covered in details such as
arches, windows, some with shutters and some with shades, detail of brick and stone, and an
occasional gargoyle or dragon.

Dick is a philosophy graduate of Stonehill College, and attended the University of Virginia Graduate
School of Arts and Sciences in Philosophy, and has his MBA from Northeastern University.  
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